Vernee Thor Plus is Coming with Two Important Features

Vernee Thor Plus

We finally hear some info about the Vernee Thor Plus which was first revealed back at the MWC of Barcelona in the beginning of 2017. The smartphone was said to bring a massive battery in a slim body, thus receiving a lot of attention. Vernee today has released two important details about the device. Let’s find out what it is.

Vernee Thor Plus

So, the new info we are getting from the Chinese phone maker is that the Thor Plus will be featuring a massive 6200mAh battery and a Super AMOLED display. By looking at the image above the smartphone also appears to be quite slim, although it’s probably just a render and hard to tell for certain.

Nevertheless, Vernee has uploaded a Youtube video to promote the upcoming device, let’s have a look:

The video compares the Thor Plus to all the other big battery phones which have been launched up until now, calling them “thick, heavy and ugly”. Obviously suggesting that their device won’t be anything like that.

The Vernee Thor Plus will be sold for $169.99 and there’s already a way to get a $20 over on the official website, cutting the price down to just $149.99. Visit here if you’re interested.

Vernee Thor Plus

Were you guys lurking for a smartphone with these features (6200mAh battery and Super AMOLED display)? Let us know in the comments below!

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