Gizchina B2B shop is here! Buy products directly from the factory line with just a click!

The Gizchina B2B shop has been finally launched today, to revolutionize the B2B platform for smartphone traders, distributors and wholesale customers. The new system provides the lowest prices (factory prices!), big time savings and very easy ordering with just a few clicks. Thanks to a deposit account we are able to send ordered products within the next day! All of this takes your company to the next level!Gizchina B2B shop

Our Gizchina B2B shop changes traditional B2B concept and connects you directly with the factories. This is what the traditional B2B concept looks like so far: local distributor -> local distributor from the regional one -> the global one, etc. Each of them adds 15-20% profit, so final prices and total costs are higher, at the same time your competitiveness is getting low!

But it all becomes a thing of the past with the new Gizchina B2B platform. Our unique system connects you directly to the factory line, so the final prices are much lower. Using a fully automatic, simple backend you can choose and buy the products you select, with just a few clicks. You save your money, time and resources. Our customers have access to a big amount of data and especially to historical prices of all products, which we update daily.

With our platform you get full access to not only the best-selling brands, like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Meizu, LeEco and Huawei, but to several others as well. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction, daily prices, stock information updates and low MOQ.

Become our partner today and be the number one on the market. For more information please visit Gizchina B2B shop official website.

our partners GUARANTEE 100% satisfaction and full availability

Gizchina B2B Shop: Your one – ONLY – solution for safe, affordable online shopping about Chinese tech!

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