Oukitel K10 with 11.000 mAh battery gets a battery test

Oukitel K10

The eagerly awaited Oukitel K10 model should get to the market already this month and with larger battery, faster charger, upgraded processor and new operating system compared to the previous iterations of the “big battery Oukitel line” it looks pretty good. But the highlight of course is the 11.000 mAh battery and today the makers released a new video showing the fantastic endurance of this phone in a power consumption test.

In the video we can see K10 tortured with quite an extensive TV series marathon with brightest screen setting and maximum volume, specificially the great “Breaking Bad”. And the results are not bad at all ! After 20 hours of the video playback K10 still had 6 % and lasted yet still another hour. With lowering the volume and screen brightness you can surely perform even better. And with the 5V/5A extra fast charger you can charge the giant 11.000 mAh battery in just 2 hours and 15 minutes.

As mentioned before the Oukitel K10 will be available on the market pretty soon already and it’s looking like yet another big battery smashing hit. You can check out more information about it on the Oukitel’s official website.



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