eBerry Cobblestone Cardioid Professional Microphone Just $23.99 on Amazon

eBerry Cobblestone

Are you a Youtuber, Twitch streamer or you want to become one? Then you’ll probably need a good microphone in order for your fans to hear you loud and clear throughout your videos. If that’s so, then stick around as today we have a great deal on a professional-looking mic that might be just what you were looking for.

The eBerry Cobblestone microphone comes with a professional chip for studio quality audio. With the dedicated audio coding chip and advanced custom condenser capsule, the cobblestone microphone effectively reduces unwanted background noise and reproduces studio quality sound, which makes it ideal for recording, podcasting, gaming, chatting, etc.

On the front of the mic there’s a convenient mute button, so that you can easily mute it with a simple touch of the button on the top; the intelligent LED indicator will show the status (green for working mode and red for mute mode); perfectly protects your private conversations from being heard.

eBerry Cobblestone

The mic uses a cardioid pick-up pattern, meaning that it can effectively reduce unwanted background noise from sides and rear by up to 30%, and isolates desired main sound source; perfect for audio and instrument recording. There are also two pop filter sponges in front of and at the back of the microphone capsule, no external pop filter net needed.

Finally, not crucial but still nice to have: good design. The unique cobblestone style design and low-profile black color with sturdy tripod is ideal for your desktop at home or work space. The convenient tripod allows the microphone to be freely pivoted to optimum position.

eBerryDirect provides a 2-year warranty for all cobblestone microphones and a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can get the eBerry Cobblestone microphone over on Amazon for just $23.99.

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