Samsung Dominates LG In The Smartphone OLED Market

The OLED display industry is dominated by two of South Korea’s manufacturing giants, Samsung and LG. Although there are some Chinese companies like BOE in the business, their relevance in the OLED market has not been established. Samsung, the main supplier of iPhone X OLED panel is still ahead of LG in the business and this is basically because LG has placed its development priority in the field of large-size OLED TV panels.

The earnings report from LG today shows that the company’s revenue fell 15% year-on-year and its operating loss was about $202.1 million, which means that LG’s OLED department is recording its second consecutive loss in the past two quarters.

LG, which has suffered continuous losses, has re-adjusted its development strategy for OLED screens, but the core plan for accelerating the transition from LCD panels to OLED panels will not change. LG has shown its desire to focus more on large-size OLED TV panels which gives Samsung the passageway to claim the smartphone OLED panel market.

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