Samsung newest patent suggests the arrival of “in-air gestures”

Remember the old air gestures from Samsung Galaxy S4 and its compatriots? Well, that feature that allowed users to swipe between pictures in the gallery through a gesture in the air may be close to see a comeback. Of course, it will not be as simple as five years ago, but it will be more than a mere gimmick?

According to a new patent filed by Samsung, the company may be studying a new way to interact with the smartphones. The new method will be based on motion and in-air gestures. In order to achieve this, the company will ship some of its smartphones with a brand new sensor capable of recognizing motion. The sensor would automatically activate the gesture-based interface.

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These gestures will allow users to swipe from left to right, or up and down in order to scroll through pages, navigate in the gallery an more. There will be even a new space tap gesture that will simulate a traditional tap on the screen. Last but not least, covering the display will make it turn off.

While some will consider these features a mere gimmick, and not so practical like interacting with the display’s touchscreen. Samsung mentions that there is a specific niche for the in-air gestures, especially for countries with low temperatures when users are using gloves. Also, the company states that this feature will benefit drivers, that can’t touch the display while driving.

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