New Samsung 512GB EVO Plus microSD Card Launched at 289€

Samsung 512GB EVO Plus microSD Card

While we often talk about Samsung phones or tablets on this website, it is no news that the company is involved in lots more markets than just these two.

Samsung are indeed also renown worldwide for creating high quality and fast storage solution, such as SSDs, SD cards and microSD cards – the ones we used to insert into our smartphones.

Up until today, the company created microSD cards for a capacity of up to 256GB, which sounds impressive but it’s actually not earth shattering, considering that brands like Lexar already have 1TB cards ready to launch.

Nonetheless, the new Samsung 512GB EVO Plus is actually a first and that becomes clear when we look at the price. We’re indeed talking of almost 300 euros, around $340.

Samsung 512GB EVO Plus microSD Card

That wouldn’t sound crazy some years back, but if we compare it to the 256GB Samsung itself currently has on the market at around 80€, then it doesn’t add up, we’re paying 3 times as much for 2 times the storage.

Of course, with such an insane amount of memory you’ll be able to store pretty much all your favorite movies, files or apps.  Where the microSD card will probably be more useful though, is when used in action cameras or other tech that can take advantage of its 100MB/s reads and writes speeds.

What do you guys think? Would you get a 512GB microSD card for your smartphone had you the possibility? Let us know down below!

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