O-Fresh Stereo Headphones Coming Tomorrow, Along With OPPO Reno

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On April 10, OPPO will release new Reno series smartphones. Today, the company also announced it will launch new O-Fresh stereo headphones. The headset has a deep black/elegant gray color and supports Hi-Res sound quality, allowing you to carry stereo BGM with you. Apart from this, our protagonist will adopt a sound field enhancement technology, selected anti-wrap ribbed wire, and support for 3.5mm/Type-C interfaces.

As for the OPPO Reno itself, it’s going to be a new line in OPPO’s smartphones family. The first model is said to come in three variants. As you guess, the highest model will be packed with a Snapdragon 855. Thus, unlike the Realme series that is mainly targeting the low—to-mid-end markets, the Reno series will be offering handsets for all niches, including the top-end.

But no smartphone brand can make strong community itself. There should be other ‘related’ products as well. In this sense, the headphones are among the most-used smartphone accessories. So the launch of the O-Fresh stereo headphones is quite logical and expected.

We are also waiting for the OPPO wireless charger and a power bank. As you guess, these three are the highest-demanded mobile accessories that are usually bought with new smartphones. This is a quite wise move from OPPO to bring not only a new series of smartphones but also a few accessories.

It’s said the O-Fresh stereo headphones will be available for purchase immediately after the launch event, but there is no information concerning the pricing.

OPPO O-Fresh stereo headphones

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