Samsung is one of the “most balanced” tech companies

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South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, believes that in the smartphone or communication industry, it should be the only company that has mastered the entire industry chain, from chips to mobile phones to telecom equipment. Of course, it is generally believed that Samsung is not as good as other companies in some single technologies. For example, its chip is still behind Qualcomm, its communication technology is not as good as Huawei’s, and its smartphones are in a serious supremacy battle with Apple.

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However, the company has a fair hold on these three areas. South Korean media reported that at the ” KRnet 2019 Conference ” hosted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Technology of the Republic of Korea, Cui Yuanjun, a specialist in Samsung’s wireless business unit, talked about Samsung ‘s advantages in 5G communication technology, 5G chips, 5Gterminals, etc.

Cui Yuanjun said that in terms of 5G network technology, Samsung is not behind, and is at the same technical level as Huawei and Ericsson. On 5G terminal products, it is at least one year ahead of Apple. The company launched the Galaxy S10 5G mobile phone in South Korea in April this year. Apple’s 5G mobile phone is reported to be available in 2020. As for the chip, Cui Yuanjun said that Samsung and Qualcomm (5G chips) were first released, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so Samsung believes that they are at the same technical level.

Although the Korean manufacturer is the leader in the smartphone market, it is not a strong player in communications equipment. Last year, for example, Huawei’s share of the mobile communications equipment market was 31 %, Ericsson’s 29.2 %, and Samsung got only 6.6 %. In this regard, Samsung plans to defeat the 5G market. For this reason, Samsung has also set a goal of occupying 20% of the global market for 5G communication equipment. It plans to expand the 5G equipment market centered on the Korean and US markets. The Korean government is also committed to promoting domestic production through the 5G+ strategy.


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