6 ways to block pop-ups in the Safari browser

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Popups can be a problem when you are using the Safari browser in your iPhone to browse the web. They interrupt with your view when you are trying to access the content on the page. Not only that, but they can also be harmful by installing unwanted items on your device.

These installations allow the hackers to spy on your activities so that it is no longer safe to use the phone. To avoid this problem, it is important to take the preventative steps to stop the popup ads. The following are 6 ways to block popups in Safari on the iPhone.

  • Enable Safari Built-in Popup Blocker

In Safari, you can enable the built-in popup blocker to block the ads. You must go to Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups. When this option is enabled, the toggle will change to green colour. Sometimes, you need to access some information that is displayed on a popup. In this case, you just go back to the settings and tap on the Block Pop-ups toggle to turn it off.

  • Quit Safari App

Sometimes, even after enabling the popup blocker, the popups still appear. If it just won’t close, you can quit the Safari. If Safari hang, you can press the home button and go to the Home Gesture Bar. Next, you scroll down to the Safari app and slide it up to quit it.

  • Install a Content Blocker

In Settings, you can also turn on the block fraudulent website warning so that tricky popups with a fake warning will not appear on your browser. Another option is to install a content blocker. Content blocker can block various types of content on the web such as popup ads, video and webpage. You can also use browser-based content blocker like Firefox Focus to surf the web.

  • Standalone content blocker app like AdGuard can not only block popups but it also allows you to blacklist sites that you don’t want to access. You can also create a whitelist to prevent your favorite sites from stop displaying the ads. After you have installed the content blocker, you can go to the Settings app and navigate to Safari. Next, look for the content blocker app and enable it by toggling the switch to green. Get more details at https://adguard.com/en/article/safari-pop-up-blocker.html.
  • Surf in Safari Reader Mode
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You can surf the web in Safari reader mode to get a clean page for reading the article on the webpage. To enable reader mode, you simply tap on the Reader button the address bar. The Reader button is an icon that consists of a few lines. It only appears on selected pages. When you to revert it to the original version with the ads, you must tap on the reader button again. There is an option to always enable Reader mode on the selected sites when you tap on the button.

  • Delete Configuration Profiles

Your iPhone may have some configuration profiles that are accidentally installed when you are surfing the web. Apple has taken action on it but there are still a lot of apps still get passed. You can check whether there is any configuration profile on your phone by going to Settings > General > Profile. To delete a profile, you must enter a passcode. Once all the profiles are deleted, you can restart your phone.

  • Clear Your Browser Caches

Popups can be a type of phishing that track your user behaviour on the web. Many popups often trick you, for example saying your system is corrupted. Popups can track you because it has cookies in it. This is why it is important to clear up the caches on your computer after you have surfed the web. To clear up the cache, you can go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data and press Confirm to remove all history. Next, you go to Advanced > Remove All Website Data to remove all the caches.

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