Summer sales and coupons on URCDkey smashed the software prices to pieces


Summer is not just knocking on our door, but is in full swing and while the weather invites us to go out many of the geeks and gamers prefer to just stay in inside the safety of their computer dens. And because most of the users prefer spending the money mainly on the hardware and don’t want to spend outrageous sums on the software licences we are coming to the rescue with some big software deals. These deals are a courtesy on an online retailer URCDkey website and you will see the prices are quite competitive.

It all of course starts with the OS as the backbone of every computer. And if you want to have a universal system capable of handling work, games and media equally, then Microsoft Windows is the one and only choice for you after all. And getting an OEM licence can be quite a cheap endevour, because for example the Windows 10 Pro OEM CD key Global will currently cost you just 10,39€, after applying the flat 20% discount coupon GC20 that is. Can’t go wrong with that one.

And on every computer you need also a bundle of productive tools and we probably don’t have to tell you that Microsoft Office is the most popular one at the market. If you would like to save even more you can opt to get the slightly older, but still perfectly fine and usable Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus CD key Global for only 27,99€ or the latest Office 2019 Professional Plus CD key Global for only 47.19€. Both discounts of course also using the flat 20% discount coupon GC20. So make sure to check the URCDkey summer offers, you will surely find something to get there.

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