Hisense T91, a smartphone prototype, showcases Samsung’s 1TB UFS card speed

UFS card

Did you remember the UFS cards? We first heard about them three years ago, but the technology isn’t available for customers yet. The new standard would come to overcome all the limitations and drawbacks of the microSD cards. Even Samsung, which helped introduce the new standard and designed a hybrid slot, doesn’t have smartphones supporting it. While things don’t look good for the lovers of memory expansion, the new standard popped out in this year’s IFA through Hisense T91.

The Hisense T91 is a smartphone prototype that bears the last year’s Snapdragon 845. Additionally, there’s a UFS card slot with a 1TB UFS card inside. The company has put the memory standard through some stress in the AndroBench 5 app. For comparison, a similar handset was used with a microSD card that was rated at 80MB/s sequential reads and 30MB/s writes.

That’s not a surprise, but the UFS Card completely obliterated the microSD. UFS card offers 6x the sequential read and writes speeds. Random access is even more impressive, 35x better when it comes to random writes. Interesting enough, it not only surpasses microSDs but also beats internal storage depending on the technology.

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The UFS card is faster than eMMC storage


For instance, the UFS technology is faster than the usual eMMC storage used in non-premium smartphones. Moreover, the results near those achieved by the UFS 2.1 standard which is used in some recent flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30.

Curiously, this is also the first time that we heard about a 1TB UFS card made by Samsung. The first 1TB microSD card was announced earlier this year. Apparently the technology is ready and there are great benefits, however, companies are completely neglecting it.

Companies may have successfully convinced customers that they don’t need a microSD card anymore. Of course, with the advent of smartphones with jaw-dropping storage capacity that makes sense. However, there’s still plenty of users who can’t live without their microSD cards. For this class of users, we believe that the UFS would be a great upgrade over MicroSD.

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