Huawei neither accepts nor deny plans to transfer its 5G business

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Huawei held the Huawei Connect 2019 conference today where it announced Atlas 900 – the world’s fastest AI training cluster. After the conference, Huawei’s Vice Chairman, Hu Houkun, in an interview talked about Huawei’s 5G. He was asked about Huawei’s plan to transfer its 5G business to foreign companies and his response neither confirmed nor refuted the claims. Hu Houkun said

 “5G is developing very fast, and there is a lot of controversy around Huawei. However, the idea of ​​5G technology transfer is actually very easy to understand. On the one hand, if the transfer of 5G technology is realized, then the 5G supply chain can generate more competition. The greater benefits will be for industrial development. On the other hand, if a company fully masters Huawei’s 5G technology, it can carry out more development on it. This will also help to eliminate all doubts about Huawei”.

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His statement does not categorically say whether Huawei is selling its 5G business (this is most unlikely anyway). Nevertheless, it appears that the company is willing to let other companies (foreign companies) into its work so far on 5G. It seems that the Chinese telecom giant hopes to get the trust of the global community on the safety of its 5G equipment.


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