Do not let your enterprise app fail

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It is now estimated that out of 10,000 apps released only one will be truly successful. Some failed products lack originality or features, others crash or do not reach the desired target audience. The realm of enterprise apps has its own common pitfalls. Make sure your team can get around the common challenges releasing the best app possible.

Naturally, the selection of the development provider is crucial. Companies with extensive experience in enterprise applications development will craft an app that your staff will love. Be sure to verify your potential contractor’s claims and look at their past projects. Without true professionals, you are likely to fall into one of the following traps.

1.Tech Issues

System integration is a common obstacle in the way of app introduction. This concerns integrations of the past with the new, particularly if the previous system has been used for a long time. 

Another aspect is the scalability. As the number of mobile users grows, there is increasing strain put on the system, especially the one operating in the real-time mode. Cross-system issues are another source of concern.


Make sure the core logic of your business is specified in the central location. Such rules are often informal, existing in employees’ minds rather than on paper. All the requirements must be clear from the outset.

A consequence of app introduction is the need for fresh organizational thinking. Mobile platforms operate by their own specific rules, so things that worked for your website in the past will be no longer applicable. This may cause changes in the overall business strategy.

3. Operational

Your company could decide to have an in-house team or delegate the work to a reliable external provider. In either case, there must be transparency, clear timeframes, a well-calculated budget, and full accountability. Otherwise, you may run into monetary issues, and deadlines will be missed. 

A tight-knit team capable of executing the strategy is imperative. Another essential element is a suitable development philosophy. The conventional waterfall approach is not the only option. Modern apps are often designed based on agile methodology, which allows flexible planning and constant improvement across all stages.

Keys to Success

Here are three primary ingredients ensuring that your app appears by the deadline and functions in the way you envisioned it. These are fundamental to the success of any enterprise app.

Buy-in from Top Management

The mobile mindset has to be adopted by stakeholders and executives alike. There must be a shared commitment to the project’s success.

In-house Champion

Inside the company, you should assign a project owner. This will not only ensure accountability but will also allow you to track the progress efficiently. 


An open mind and willingness to accept new philosophies are important. A mobile project is likely to cause the evolution of both business and operational thinking. Move in sync with the times and make sure the participants are doing the same.

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