Hungary ignores pressure from the US – Opens its 5G network to Huawei

It is a well-known fact that the US does not want anything to do with Huawei’s tech especially when it relatest t0 5G. In fact, it has put consistent pressure on its allies to also shut Huawei out of their 5G construction. However, Huawei’s 5G remains the best bet for many nations thus its quite difficult to follow the US instruction. According to recent reports, despite pressure from the US, Hungary will still allow Huawei to participate in its 5G construction.

Hungary foreign minister, Peter Szijjarto
Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Foreign Minister


According to Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Foreign Minister, the country will allow Huawei to participate in the construction of 5G networks. He made this statement at an event in China on Tuesday.  Hijato pointed out that Huawei will build a Hungarian 5G network with Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.

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This means that Hungary did not heed the US “suggestions”, which indicates that Hungary did not see any evidence that Huawei’s equipment poses a security threat. According to the US, Huawei’s equipment comes with a “back door” that allows China to monitor other countries. Of course, Huawei denied these allegations.

Nevertheless, recent reports claim that Huawei and the US will soon be back in business. According to the US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, Licenses for the sale of components to Huawei Technologies Co. will be available to US companies “soon”


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