It’s time to upgrade your old Win 7 to Win 10, just for $9.95

All those long years ago the software giant Microsoft promised full 10 years of the support fot the Windows 7 system and they delivered on such promise. But the end of an era is here and starting from January 14th 2020 all the updates and patches for Windows 7 ceased to come. So no more technical support and care, which is certainly not good news for many owners of computers. Because believe it or not, according to recent research Win 7 is still installed on 26 % of computers in the world. Meaning they are ticking timebombs for possible malware and virus infections.

For those Win 7 computers used by companies or schools you can still extend the technical support, but it can get extremely pricy. One computer with Windows 7 installed costs full $25 for one year of technical support and the price will be going up every year. So $50 in 2021 and $100 in 2022. And for those unlucky souls with Windows 7 Pro the prices are even doubled, so no point even thinking about it. So much easier solution is to scrap the old system altogether and just get the much more modern Windows 10 Home or Pro. Home users really have nothing to think about.

And thanks to the recent offer from the Keysworlds e-shop you can get such upgrade way cheaper than you would think. So instead of few hundred dollars you are going to shell out for example just $9.95 for Windows 10 Pro license key. And you don’t have to limit yourself just to the OS, because with the discount coupon KWNY35 you are getting 35% off for vast selection of their stock. So which software keys you can for example get ?

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Keysworlds offers an excellent service and a dedicated automatic system to establish unparalleled effectiveness, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction! You will receive your code to redeem in your account within minutes by E-mail. They also offer easy ways to pay, with secure and reliable payment methods such as PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Debit Card, and 24/7 Customer Service ( to ensure that you receive the proper assistance whenever you need it.

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