Spring software key promotion from U2key.com


With half of the world currently sitting in the quarantines thanks to the coronavirus pandemic we have quite often lot of time on our hands. So we can use it and get to some things we were delaying or skipping previously. Among that is surely pimping up  your computer system and that could often require new software or system. After all, who knows if you PC isn’t still stuck with ancient Windows 7 ? And for such cases we have for you a special spring software key promotion from U2key.com shop.

And because deals and discounts are the bread and butter for every promo we have for you two special discount coupons for such occasion. The first simple discount code “GI” is for the very basic software needs for your computer including a system and productivity suite. And with it you can get full 41.4% off the retail pricing. So the deals will be as follows :

For all those who would need some extra and who want software way beyond the basics we have something too. Discount coupon “GIZ” will give you 32,4% off and includes some interesting bundles and software tools. So which ones are up for grabs exactly on U2key.com ?

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