Robotic cleaner LIECTROUX C30B now only for $199.35


We are living in just a really wonderful technological age, where we can already delegate some annoying house chores to our smart gadgets. For example, who really loves vacuuming and mopping your house or flat ? Probably not many, so it’s a much better idea to leave it up to your robotic cleaner. Who will actually do much better job too. And there are some very affordable models for that, like the LIECTROUX C30B, which is once again discounted on Aliexpress.

LIECTROUX C30B is a state of the art vacuum cleaner filled up to the brim with modern technologies. For starters it’s just 7,4cm tall so it can easily fit under the furniture and runs silently with ultra low noise of just 45db. The brushless Nidec motor can deliver up to 3000Pa of suction and both with the Epson chip they are imported from Japan. The vacuum cleaner has various sets of senzors for anti-collision, anti-falling, climbing and auto recharging matters and you can plan it all with a 2D map app in real life. Smart memory of the device will help too and you can even control it via the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant platforms.  It will take care both of vacuuming and mopping thanks to the replaceable dust bin and electric smart water tank.

The most recent Aliexpress sale for LIECTROUX C30B is starting today on September 19th and will run up until September 25th. You will be able to get this fantastic gadget for just $199.35, so really pretty much a low hanging fruit. So if you want to be finally done and freed from these house chores make sure to check out the deal nad maybe buy this nifty robot.

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