Super sale for the robotic cleaner Liectroux C30B

Liectroux C30B

Robot vacuum cleaners are getting more and more popular and are already part of quite a big number of households. After all the cleaning your apartment / house chore is usually not high on the list of hobbies. Not to mention people are more lazy with each passing day. So no wonder the multi-functional robot vacuum cleaners are in such demand, because they can also mop the floor after vacuuming too. And today we have for you pretty massive discount for an advanced model LIECTROUX C30B from Aliexpress, so check it out.

LIECTROUX C30B is a state of the art vacuum cleaner filled up to the brim with modern technologies. For starters it’s just 7,4cm tall so it can easily fit under the furniture and runs silently with ultra low noise of just 45db. The brushless Nidec motor can deliver up to 3000Pa of suction and both with the Epson chip they are imported from Japan. The vacuum cleaner has various sets of senzors for anti-collision, anti-falling, climbing and auto recharging matters and you can plan it all with a 2D map app in real life. Smart memory of the device will help too and you can even control it via the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant platforms. And as mentioned before it will take care both of vacuuming and mopping thanks to the replaceable dust bin and electric smart water tank.

Aliexpress flash sale

But it gets even better ! Because you can currently find it model on sale and the official Aliexpress store has it for just $194.92.  And the sale event will be running from November 6th till November 12th. Available from various local warehouses you can often avoid annoying extra taxes and costs, while enjoying 3 years of warranty and free returns. So if you are looking for a great robot vacuum cleaner, then this is just it.

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