Sony PlayStation 5 disassembly: very easy to repair

Sony recently released the PlayStation 5 gaming console which is available in multiple markets but difficult to buy. The demand for this device is much higher than its supply thus many gamers are struggling to get a hold of it. Recently, iFixit released the dismantling of the Sony PlayStation 5 and its DualSense controller. This teardown is more detailed than Sony’s dismantling which it released earlier this year. The repair company found that the PS5 game console has a lot of screws to hold it together. Furthermore, there is also a strange trap for replacing the optical drive.

Sony PlayStation 5

Also, the disassembly revealed that the optical drive has a software lock shielding function. Although the physical replacement is easy, any replacements that are installed cannot read the disk. This means that if the optical drive fails for any reason, you have to send it to Sony. However, for users of the digital version, it will be easy to add an additional SSD. This can only happen when the game eventually supports it. You just need to untie a single-sided panel and remove a screw. 

Sony PlayStation 5

The disassembly also provides the internal situation of the power supply that Sony has not shown us before. The PS5 power supply has only 350W power, and the use of power under load is only 200 watts. In addition, the SSD main control chip shows that it is the standard of Sony Interactive Entertainment, model CXD90062GG, which is most likely self-developed. In contrast, Microsoft Xbox Series X uses the SanDisk solution.

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Sony PlayStation 5

DualSense controller teardown

As for the DualSense handle, iFixit found that its battery is relatively easy to replace and has a large capacity of 5.7Wh. In addition, the battery pack of the DualShock 4 is 3.7Wh. The disassembly also shows the spiral drive that powers the adaptive trigger. In conclusion, iFixit believes that the PS5 to be very easy to repair. It scores this device 7 points out of 10 points. The higher the points the easier the device is to repair. 

Sony PS5 has serious issues with its DualSense controller

According to recent reports, the Sony PS5 DualSense controller seems to have a serious rocker drift issue.

Sony PS5

According to recent feedback by players, the new DualSense controller released with the Sony PS5 has a stick drift problem. Records show that Sony already has an update which should fix this issue. However, players say the issue didn’t go away after updating.

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In addition, some players pointed out that the joystick drift of the handle is a hardware failure. According to them, this has nothing to do with the software. Moreover, the joystick of the previous generation PS4 was also exposed to drift. The joystick issue on the DualSense controller seems to be a continuation of the previous generation problem. As of now, we do not know how the company intends to handle this issue with the Sony PS5.


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