The US is ready to hit China if it starts supplying chips to Russia

Russia 5G network

The Russian market is living in new conditions, when a number of foreign companies have left the market, others have suspended the supply of most of the goods, and the usual logistics schemes have been violated. Due to the war in Ukraine, the country risks being in a technological blockade when the economy and development begin to seriously slip. And now the fun begins. A number of experts and ordinary people in the Russian Federation believe that “China will help Russia”.

The United States is also well aware of the likelihood of survival due to supplies from the Middle Kingdom, so they decided to warn Beijing about the undesirability of dealing with Russia. Thus, US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said that if Chinese companies decide to supply chips to the Russian Federation, they will not disregard this fact and will definitely strike the Celestial Empire. Naturally, we are talking about processors created using American technologies. Using the example of Huawei, we have already seen what US sanctions can lead to.

The US is ready to hit China if it starts supplying chips to Russia

Chipsets Shortage

At the same time, the US Secretary of Commerce confirmed that so far; Chinese companies have not violated US sanctions rules against Russia. For its part, the US Department is monitoring the situation and will respond harshly to the “helping hand” of Russia. Will the Chinese abide by the restrictions? According to experts, the United States is the main trading partner of the United States; and Beijing is unlikely to want to lose a solid sales market.

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In separate news, the Anonymous hacker group is waging its war on the side of Ukraine; against Russia, its state structures and foreign companies that have not joined the boycott. This week, hackers reported that they managed to break into the Central Bank of Russia and steal 35,000 files. They promised to put the stolen data on the network within 2 days, and they kept their word.

On their Twitter page, they published information that they sent 28 GB documents to various points on the Internet; and in case someone decides to block them, they are ready to share more and more new links. BBC journalists who studied file sharing with documents (links on the Anonymous page on Twitter) stated that they contain hundreds of audit reports and data on bank owners. The hackers themselves claim that they managed to get hold of the “secret” agreements of the Central Bank.

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  1. Marcus Li
    March 27, 2022

    China should stay neutral with the conflict, but take aim at the US's bullying tactics in "threatening" sanctions. How would the US take it if it was them being "threatened" by another country? You can imply, but outright threats are a big NO!