The iPhone 14 Pro Max And The Samsung S22 Ultra Were Both Kept In A Frozen Ice For Ten Hours, Which Of Them Survived?

Samsung And iPhone water test

Samsung S22 Ultra VS iPhone 14 Pro Max Water test: In these days of fierce competition within the technology industry, manufacturers will do anything possible to convince you that they have the best products. The claims of which device has this or that feature has lead to many reviewers testing every single feature manufacturers advertise to the very extreme level.

Unlike before, no manufacturer can lie about any feature anymore because no matter how hard that feature is to test, someone somewhere will definitely find a way to put it to the test. Recently, Huawei released their latest mate 50 series and they claimed that the device has a Kunlun glass protection which is supposed to be that hardest glass on any smartphone. Some few days after the launch, a viral video of a lady using the screen to crack a nut surfaced online. Luckily, the phone was able to crack the nut without breaking the screen.

Kunlun glass test

Another tech that was put to test was Apple’s crush detection feature. Many people including myself were wondering how someone could put this feature to test. Will the tester risk his life and sit in a car and crash it just because of this feature? Let’s just say the tester may not sit in the car. But still, it would just be out of head for anyone to crash a car just to prove whether the crash detection works or not.

Well, guess what? Someone did it. He did not sit in the car but he used a remote control to move the car at high speed while he tied the iPhone with a sellotape behind the driver’s seat. After the car had crashed into a bunch of old burnt cars, he run quickly with the camera to see if the iPhone could detect the crash and call emergency like Apple advertised. Congrats Apple! It worked perfectly well.

Crash Detection test

Samsung S22 Ultra And iPhone 14 Pro Max Water Test

These are clear indications that irrespective of how difficult it may be to test the feature, someone somewhere will definitely find a way to test it out. Even if it requires going to the moon. This leads us to an extreme test a Youtuber by name Tech Trimmers put the iPhone 14 Pro Max And the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra through.

In the test, he put both phones into two different plastic containers. He then poured strawberry lemonade in each container while the phones are still in them. To ensure transparency, he started the stopwatch on both phonee. He then covered each container and placed them in a deep freezer.

Samsung S22 ultra Vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

He also started a stopwatch on a third phone so that he can monitor the timing. The phones were going to remain in the deep freezer for 10 hours. This is to give enough time for the liquid around the phones to completely freeze.

After 10 hours, it was finally time to see which of the two phones survived this severe suffocation. So he took out the containers from the freezer. Opened tap water onto the frozen ice until all the ice melted away from both phones.

The End Result (Samsung S22 Ultra VS iPhone 14 Pro Max Test)

The Samsung S22 Ultra was the first one he tested. The phone still worked fine when he pressed the power button. Both front and back cameras still worked fine. He also played some music on YouTube to check if the speakers still worked and it was working just fine. There was no sign or traces of liquid in either the camera or in the screen. It was very clear that the Samsung S22 Ultra passed this test with ease.

Samsung S22 ultra Vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max comes on next. So like the Samsung, the iPhone was also working fine ones he pressed on the power button.  Both front and back cameras were also in optimum working condition. However, the Speaker had a little noise when playing music. This could be due to the liquid that may have gotten into the speaker. It is hardly noticeable and it should get back to normal ones the liquid completely dries out.

Samsung S22 ultra Vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

The Samsung and the iPhone passed this test with no struggles at all. Both phones have proven to be very resistant to liquid, even in an extreme condition. This means carrying your iPhone 14 Pro Max or the Samsung S22 Ultra in the rains should not pose any serious threat to you phone at all.

Source / Via :YouTube

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