iPhone V: The foldable iPhone turns out to be a real DIY project

iPhone V

A couple of days ago, a mysterious foldable iPhone emerged in Elon Musk’s realms of Twitter. At first glance, it was really hard to believe its veracity. After all, it could be a simple deep fake mockup or something like that. However, it seems that the foldable iPhone is a reality thanks to talented engineers. Apple’s iPhone Fold is still years away, and first, we may see a foldable iPad. Meanwhile, we can imagine how an Apple device will look like thanks to this DIY project dubbed iPhone V.

iPhone V – the closest we have to a foldable iPhone

The team over at Tech Aesthetics decided to venture out and create a clamshell foldable out of the iPhone X., Yes, the project actually uses the 2017’s phone hardware. Moreover, it borrows the chassis of the Motorola RAZR 2019, the first foldable released by the brand. The final result is a device dubbed iPhone V. We have to agree that this is a good name for a possible foldable iPhone. Knowing Apple, we are pretty sure the company will come up with a unique name for its foldable phone instead of adopting the Fold or Flip monikers. But the V may not be an option, after all, Honor already has a foldable with this name.

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Getting back to the point, the iPhone V took nearly a year of hard work. The group had to go through reverse engineering in a process that took multiple trial and error instances to complete. The team gutted out the glass of the screen and the touch layers, leaving only the flexible OLED. Obviously, this requires delicate maneuvering and advanced machinery. The team spent a lot of money since 37 iPhone X screens became waste.

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The battery will last like any regular iPhone

The iPhone V project also took a pair of Motorola RAZR 2019 which were taken apart. The team built a custom motherboard with 3D-printed components. Obviously, the project requires some sacrifices due to space restrictions. So the iPhone V ended with a 1,000 mAh battery capacity. That’s too few, but we can understand. Even the big tech companies are having trouble accommodating big batteries in these smartphones. For obvious reasons, there is no kind of wireless charging. In the end, Apple was never known for battery endurance.

iPhone V

Now the final part of the iPhone V involves the software. The group made some changes on iOS with jailbrek. Thanks to some software mods they were able to bring support to split-screen applications. The final product is something that really looks and works as a foldable iPhone.


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