Microsoft has revealed the launch date of GTA 6: it’s coming soon


When will GTA 6 launch? It’s a long-running, unanswered question. However, Microsoft thinks it is aware of this given that the Redmond company says in a formal document that it anticipates the birth of Rockstar’s child in 2024.

Will GTA 6 ever be released? We have been waiting for the next chapter of the game for ten years, but it will finally launch. According to Microsoft, the game will launch in 2024.

This date was written in black and white by the Redmond company on a formal document. It’s difficult to tell if it has information that no one else does or if this is a guess (even if it is the most plausible). In any case, it gives fans who are no longer anticipating this new episode new hope.

Microsoft discusses the release of GTA 6


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The Rockstar game’s release date was mentioned in relation to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In order to get approval of the deal, Microsoft must appear in front of the various competition authorities. Sony quickly seized the chance to contest the agreement.

The Japanese company argues that losing Call of Duty, one of the key licenses that drive PlayStation sales, would result from Microsoft acquiring Activision. Microsoft said that Sony could expect to receive many additional licenses in the future, including those for FIFA, Destiny, Battlefield, or even GTA. For the latter, the American business mentions the year 2024 as a potential release date.

This is sufficient to get players’ attention. Compared to other dates that have been in consideration in the past, 2024 is close by. For instance, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier mentioned an arrival no later than 2025. Anyway, Rockstar will have the last say.

The world’s most eagerly awaited game is without a doubt GTA 6. A pirate posted recordings of the game online a few months ago, showing off numerous gameplay scenes. Even though the game was still in its early stages of development, it was looking great. If a release is in plans for 2024, information might be available relatively soon.

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