Apple may discontinue the iPad mini line in 2025 for the foldable iPad series

foldable ipad

The foldable mobile phone market is now mature but Apple is yet to make an entry. Samsung and Huawei used to be the major players in the market. However, since the ban on Huawei, its foldable mobile phones are somewhat restricted to the Chinese market. However, Apple will make an entry into the mobile phone market pretty soon. Apple plans to cut off the iPad Mini product line with a screen size of less than 10 inches in 2025. This will pave the way for the company to launch a foldable iPad product line.

foldable ipad

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The report focused on the cooperation between Apple, Samsung and LG, two screen suppliers. These companies are cooperating to jointly develop a 20.25-inch foldable OLED panel. Apple is working on a foldable product project in the 20-inch size range. The company is also cooperating with some major Chinese part makers. The 20.25 inches is the size of the screen after unfolding the device.

Foldable iPad to replace iPad mini

Considering that the size of the display is nearly 20 inches when unfolded, this device will likely be close to a MacBook. If the size of the device when stretched out is 20.25 inches, then the size of the device after folding should be around 15.3 inches. Currently, the screen size of the Apple MacBook series is in the mid to late 10-inch range. The screen size of the iPad (tablet) series is between less than 10 inches and just above 10 inches.

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After Apple upgraded some of its digital product lines to OLED screens, the company’s direction began to evolve towards foldable form factors. Before the launch of the 20.25-inch foldable Macbook device, Apple may first launch a foldable iPad. Apple is developing a foldable digital product internally and aims to release it in 2025, a year after Apple launched its first OLED iPad in 2024. And this foldable iPad will replace the current iPad mini product line under 10 inches.

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