Samsung mocks iPhone users again – promotes the Galaxy Z Flip 4

The mobile phone market is pretty competitive and it is quite common for brands to throw jabs at each other. With Huawei out of the way due to the U.S. ban, Samsung and Apple are now the front runners in the global mobile phone market. While both brands have their own fan base, they obviously want more. They are ready to poach users from each other. However, Samsung seems to be taking a step further, as it is throwing subtle jabs at Apple. Samsung today once again launched the “On the Fence” promotional video. This video aims at encouraging iPhone users to switch to Samsung devices. The series is based on the theme of teasing Apple. It focuses on Samsung’s unique features that Apple does not have. Some of these features may attract iPhone users to Samsung, hence the “On the Fence” series.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

Galaxy Z Flip 4 promo video

In the latest “On the Fence” promotional video, a man sits on a fence and talks to a woman holding a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. The woman said: “I used to be like you, wavering between Apple and Samsung”. The man laments that he wanted to switch to a Samsung phone, but is worried that other iPhone users would look down on him. But the woman said he should change the phone, his friends would be envious.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

“When you take out the Galaxy Z Flip 4, your friends won’t leave you,” the woman said. She then hands the man a Galaxy Z Flip 4 and says how cool Samsung is. “I can get used to this,” the man said before jumping into the side of the fence representing Samsung.

Unlike Apple, Samsung has the habit of naming and teasing Apple devices in ads. Just this morning, a Samsung World Cup-themed ad mocked Apple for not offering a foldable mobile phone option. However, Apple does not seem to have an interest in such jabs.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4/ Flip 4 battery life test: more durable and cooler than S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 4 two foldable mobile phones were officially released on August 10th 2022. The Galax Flip 4 comes with a smaller battery and uses a lower power consumption Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip. So how do these two phones actually perform in terms of battery life? Recently, TechDroider, a well-known tech blogger, tested the battery life of these two Samsung foldable phones.

TechDroider compares Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (4400mAh), Galaxy Z Flip 4 (3700mAh), Galaxy S22 Ultra (5000mAh), iPhone 13 Pro Max (4352mAh), OnePlus 10 Pro (5000 mAh) and Xiaomi 12S Ultra (4860mAh) batteries. Among them, although the battery capacity of the Galaxy Z Fold / Flip 4 is lower than that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the battery life of the first two still exceeds that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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TechDroider conducted a “test to death” limit test on these 6 mobile phones. The test items include games, web browsing, 1080P 60-frame video playback, social software, short videos and recorded videos. The refresh rate and brightness are the same in the test, and other conditions are as shown in the image below

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batter test

Test result

The results show that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was the first phone to shut down. However, this mobile phone was able to last for 8 hours and 56 minutes before shutting down. The temperature on the back of the fuselage hit 50.4°C at the time that the mobile phone shut down. The second phone to shut down is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. It took this mobile phone 9 hours and 4 minutes before it shut down. At the time it shut down, the temperature of the device was 42.1°C. The third phone to shut down is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 which lasted for 9 hours and 18 minutes. At the time it shut down, the temperature of the rear of this device is 39.7°C. However, of all the devices on the list, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has the best temperature control, retaining the temperature of this device at less than 40°C at the time it shut down.

Judging from these three Samsung’s own products, these two folding phones have longer battery life and lower temperature than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Among them, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 has contributed a lot. TSMC’s 4nm process is still stronger than Samsung’s 4nm process. some.

batter test

Other mobile phones on the list perform better

Among the remaining three phones, the OnePlus 10 Pro lasted only one minute longer (9 hours and 19 minutes) than Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, this device ran at a higher temperature (45.1°C). The Xiaomi 12S Ultra which was released in early July this year has a battery that lasted for 9 hours and 38 minutes. At the time the device shut down, it has a temperature of 44.1°C. The iPhone 13 Pro Max performs the best of all the mobile phones tested in terms of battery life. After the testing, the iPhone 13 Pro shut down after 10 hours and 35 minutes at a temperature of 40.5°C. Interestingly, this mobile phone also comes with a pretty decent temperature control, retaining the temperature at just above 40°C despite lasting for about an hour longer. Apple seems to have a better management of resources that’s why its battery performs better than the Galax S22 with a larger battery capacity. 

Recently, Jacob Chen, vice president of Samsung Taiwan, said that powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, the new Galaxy folding screen phone can solve the overheating and performance limitations of the previous generation. He also expects the global shipments of folding screen models to reach 20 million units in 2022.

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