Withings U-Scan: A Device You Would Want To Pee On

Pee your way to good health!

Withings U-Scan

At CES, Withings revealed a “breakthrough” in-home biomarker analysis platform. Named Withings U-Scan, the upcoming smart health product is a “miniaturized health lab.” It hygienically rests in any toilet. And once you set it up, it will enable you to “unlock the wealth of health information in daily urine.”

The U-Scan is so innovative that it got CES 2023 Innovation Award honoree in many categories. That includes Fitness & Sports, Smart Home, and Digital Health. And considering how valuable urine is as a proxy for blood, it is definitely a device you want to pee on!

All About Withings U-Scan

The U-Scan is the first attempt at a body fluid analysis device from Withings. It features shell-shaped hardware that sits on the edge of the toilet bowl. And once set, it will look like a scent block you might have already used.

Withings U-Scan placement

Nonetheless, being at the edge of the bowl, Withings U-Scan will catch a small sample of fluid when you are peeing.

Afterward, it will do a minute of analysis and offer you a report about your nutrition or menstrual cycle.

All the info will be available on your phone. So you can access the critical biomarkers whenever you want.

App Info U-scan

As hinted earlier, two replaceable cartridges are available for the Withings U-Scan. First is the Nutri Balance, which offers insights into ketones and vitamin C.

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Cartridges Withings U-Scan

The second one is Cycle Sync. It offers info about hormones, hydration, and pH levels.

Why The U-Scan Matters

Our urine contains markers for 3000+ metabolites. All these offer valuable insight into ovulation, exercise, and diet.

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Furthermore, these metabolites can also act as a detection medium for diseases. That includes obesity, cancer, chronic inflammation, and many others.


Before these smart devices, such as the Withings U-Scan, urinalysis was not easy. They were only possible in clinical settings.
And it’s good to see innovative devices are kicking in. Once they are mature, you might no longer need to use “undesirable” methods such as strips or cups.

Expected Launch Timeline and Price

Withings will launch the consumer version of U-Scan shortly. Also, the brand plans to release a medical-grade model in the future.

The device will hit the Europe markets in Q2 2023. The starter kit with a price tag of €499.95. It will include one cartridge. And one is enough for three months. There will be an option to buy more as you wish. Also, Withings will offer a subscription plan.

Once in that plan, you can enjoy an automatic U-scan refill feature.

That said, the company is currently working with the FDA. When that is sorted out, the U-Scan will hit the US.

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