Meet the 200MP Sensor of Galaxy S23 Ultra That Will Blow Pixel and iPhone Away

Ready to take your mobile photography game to the next level?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy S23 series on February 1, 2023. And months before the official unveiling event, we heard a lot about the photography skills of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is rumored to come with a top-of-the-line 200MP sensor that will be a hefty upgrade from the 108MP camera found on the Samsung S22 Ultra.

In a move to further bring the hype up for the phone, Samsung has just launched the much-awaited 200MP sensor. It goes by ISOCELL HP2, which is the exact same sensor that will end up in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. And it might bring the camera of Pixel 7 and the upcoming iPhone 15 devices to their knees.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Is All Set To Offer Stunning Images

According to Samsung, the ISOCELL HP2 of the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with improved pixel technology. And it boasts the full-well capacity to offer you mesmerizing mobile images.

As for the actual size of the camera sensor, Samsung says that the HP2 packs 200 million 0.6-micrometer pixels. The pixels are in a 1/1.3 inches optical format, which is pretty much the same as the 108MP sensor found in the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


Like the 108MP HP1 sensor, the new sensor of the Galaxy S23 Ultra utilizes pixel-binning technology. That means the ISOCELL HP2 will capture final images that combine multiple pixels into one.

Eventually, the end images end up being more detailed and noticeably sharper. Samsung says that the HP2 sensor can offer high-quality 2.4μm 12.5MP or 1.2 μm 50MP photos. In short, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be superior in providing high clarity and high-quality images.

Superior Video and Low Light Image Capabilities

The HP2 sensor of Galaxy S23 Ultra will offer an 8K 30 FPS video recording option. And the best part is that the videos will be at an impressive 33MP resolution. The sensor also features a 4-16 pixel binning process, which will offer exceptional low-light performance.

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Samsung also says that the new sensor boasts Dual Vertical Transfer Gate technology. It will help lower overexposure and improve color reproduction ability, especially in bright light conditions.

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Galaxy S23 Ultra

Another key benefit of the new sensor of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is that it will offer improved autofocus performance. And Samsung states that the autofocus performance will be clearly noticeable in low-light conditions. The ISOCELL HP2 can use all 200 million pixels to autofocus, which is backed up by its Super QPD tech.

Amazing HDR Shots on Galaxy S23 Ultra

The HP2 sensor of the Galaxy S23 Ultra equips Smart-ISO Pro. It is an advanced HDR solution that lets the sensor take 4K video at 60fps and 12.5MP images with HDR. It will also enable the sensor to merge different ISO readouts from a single exposure. That will eventually make you end up with more detailed and dynamic images.

Now, here’s a catch. Samsung did not explicitly confirm that the ISOCELL HP2 is the sensor that will debut on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, it did mention that the senor has entered mass production. And if you connect the lines between the recent camera leaks with the information Samsung has just disclosed, it all makes sense.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Still, we are just two weeks away from the Galaxy Unpacked event. And in that event, Samsung will reveal the S23 Ultra in all its glory. That means you can expect to know more about the new ISOCELL HP2 sensor pretty soon. Samsung surely has a lot to show off at the event. And we are hoping that Samsung will provide image comparisons with its rivals at the event.

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