10,000 Microsoft Employees Are Fired To “Feed” Nadella And Other Executives

Do you think the world is becoming worse and worse right along? If yes, then you are an ordinary worker. Nothing would seem so gloomy if you had a top position at a tech firm. For instance, Microsoft will lay off over 10,000 employees in March. But this seems to have no impact on the top managers’ salaries.

Microsoft Nadella’s salary was increased by 10% in October last year. This doesn’t sound logical. We mean, if it is so bad, why it doesn’t touch the chief officers? Also, the gap between Nadella’s salary and that of ordinary employees at Microsoft has risen for five years. The current gap has reached 289 times. If nothing changes, it will further expand.

The gap between Nadella’s salary and ordinary employees at Microsoft

  • 2018 – Nadella’s salary was 154 times Microsoft worker’s (avg) salary.
  • 2019 – Nadella’s salary was 249 times Microsoft worker’s (avg) salary.
  • 2020 – Nadella’s salary was 257 times Microsoft worker’s (avg) salary.
  • 2021 – Nadella’s salary was 282 times Microsoft worker’s (avg) salary.
  • 2022 – Nadella’s salary was 289 times Microsoft worker’s (avg) salary.

Microsoft employees and Nadella

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When we read about 10,000 layoffs at Microsoft, we don’t see the scale of it. For instance, they fired the entire team working on VR products. Microsoft laid off the entire team of AltSpaceVR and Mixed Reality Tool Kit (MRTK). AltSpaceVR had a key role for Meta. MRTK was built for Unity VR integration. MRTK works with Meta’s headsets, though it has focused on HoloLens. So we can say that Microsoft now doesn’t think about Meta.

Besides Nadella, CFO Amy Hood earned more than $26 million in 2022; vice chairman Bradford Smith got more than $23 million.

So it turns out that during the current economic downturn, many US tech firms do not choose to reduce the salaries of top managers to prevent layoffs. We can’t say the same for Japanese firms. For instance, Nintendo CEO cut his salary in half in 2011 and 2014.

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  1. January 22, 2023

    US companies are full of top level corporate greed. From the sounds of it, its time we reward companies from Japan or any other country that actually TRIES to look after ALL employees and not just the greedy top.

  2. January 22, 2023

    that’s a nice article. It’s indeed revolting to see how they are willing to sacrifice human lives in order to accumulate more gold than they will ever be able to spend. We need the guillotine to return.

  3. January 23, 2023

    MS is making money laying off people is just lazy and probably is due to other tech comaplnies doing the same … it probably would have been much more profitable to redeploy those workers elsewhere – but that would require guts and vision – both of which are not a thing at MS

  4. January 24, 2023

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