iPhone 15 Ultra With the New LG Camera Is a Major Threat to Samsung

iPhone 15 Ultra

Today, we already have 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and most importantly, 10x zoom capable phones. Take the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra, for example. However, that did not make the phone-makers settle down. To illustrate, we might see another jump in the zoom feature of smartphones with the iPhone 15 Ultra.

All things considered, 2023 might be the year where we see the next big breakthrough in phone cameras. And even if phone manufacturers do not make a big leap in the software department, the hardware will see a massive jump. And it could all start with the iPhone 15 Ultra.

A New Zoom System Could End up in the iPhone 15 Ultra

LG Innotek designs, manufactures, and sells electronic parts and components to many companies that make consumer electronics. And among all the brands that rely on LG Innotek for electronic camera materials is Apple. Although LG Innotek is known for being a display partner of Apple, there can be some changes in the iPhone 15.

LG Optical Zoom Sensor

Now, in case you missed it, LG has just debuted its latest zoom system. And it is making a lot of promises. In fact, from the official announcement, it seems that the new zoom sensor might beat Sony. And according to the latest rumors, the sensor will end up in one of the upcoming Apple smartphones, which is likely to be the iPhone 15 Ultra.

What Can the New LG Zoom Sensor Offer

The new LG Zoom sensor in the iPhone 15 Ultra can offer a lot to the table. As far as we know, the continuous zoom camera of LG is capable of offering about 4x to 9x magnification. But that is not even the most important aspect of the sensor. The groundbreaking sensor packs optical stabilization.

That means the iPhone 15 Ultra could offer amazingly blur-free zoom photos with the new LG sensor. Now, when it comes to moving parts, the new LG module utilizes a very precise actuator, which moves the lens elements. And that is exactly what will offer us a new level of “optical zoom.”

iPhone 15

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Now, if Apple cooks things up right, the upcoming high-end iPhone could be the world’s first 1 to 10x variable zoom capable camera phone. If you are wondering how it compares, the iPhone 14 Pro can reach only 2x optical-quality zoom through sensor cropping.

That means the only zoom that the 15 Ultra needs to fill in is the 2-4x range and anything beyond 9x. That is exactly where LG’s new camera comes into play.

How the iPhone 15 Ultra Can Achieve Lossless Zoom

The iPhone 15 Ultra is already said to come with the brand-new A17 Bionic chip. And as you might have guessed, the A17 SoC will offer great improvements in terms of performance. Apple could utilize the power of this chip to enhance the zoom capabilities of the upcoming high-end phone.

Furthermore, Apple could make some tweaks to the 48MP primary camera. It could crop further into the 48MP sensor and use that information to offer a longer-range lossless zoom.

iPhone camera bump

Lastly, Apple could fill the gaps left with data from the rest of the sensors. That is, with the new zoom camera or even the ultra-wide-angle. We have already seen such type of mechanism on some Huawei phones. So, it would be hard for Apple to pull it off with the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Closing Remarks

Overall, if Apple and LG can really pull amazing zoom capabilities off with the iPhone 15 Ultra, it will be major flex over Samsung and the rest of the Android smartphones. In fact, Google Pixel’s software wizardly might take a bow on it.

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