Why Android 14 Will Block App Installation?

Android 14

Android 13 will become a thing of the past because Google wants to launch Android 14 in the next few months. The new operating system will be available on the latest smartphones. Likewise, we will get an initial preview in the next few months.

For now, Google needs to finish its work before releasing the new OS publicly. Android 14 will not allow you to install apps targeting earlier SDK versions. In short, outdated apps that target Android 13 or less will not be permitted to install on your phone.

9to5Google can spot the difference through a code tweak. And the code tweak has strict conditions of API for installation of the app. The publication says that.

“Block the installation of apps that target the lower SDK version if minimum installable SDK version enforcement is enabled. It will assist in improving the security of android phones. Moreover, it will increase privacy because malware can affect the older SDK versions.”

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Thus, you will not be able to install apps that target the previous Android versions.

Android 14 Will Block App Installation Of Previous SDK Versions:

Initially, the new Android 14 will block the installation on the older SDK version on your phone. However, with time, the minimum condition will increase to Android 6.

Fortunately, you can still make things work for you. You can install outdated apps using the new flag. The flag will override the conditions. You will have to use the ADB command shell to enable the flag.

The main aim is to stop malware from spreading and teasing users. In recent years, malware distributors have misled users with more refined techniques. They sideload apps by providing valid, sound instructions.

Most significantly, the exploitation will be harder when the OS blocks a particular app installation. This is not a surprise.

Google will surely give time for developers to update apps to a newer SDK version. The developers will have to revise their apps to Android 14 or later for publication. Currently, the sideload apps do not meet all such requirements.

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