PS5 DualSense Edge Controller is Great, But Sony Lied About Something Very Important

DualSense Edge
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The new Sony DualSense Edge controller happens to be Sony’s first ever pro controller. Initially, gamers who wanted pro controllers had to opt for third-party controllers. But that has changed now, all thanks to Sony for releasing the DualSense Edge. The DualSense Edge finally went on sale yesterday, the 26th of January 2023. And users have already started sharing their experiences.

Overall, the DualSense Edge is Great

DualSense Edge
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The new Sony controller is a great controller by all standards. It features some new buttons and customization options which the standard edition lacks. But it has one big disappointment. this is just enough to convince me to stick to the standard controller.

Before the launch, there were rumors that the DualSense Edge would have a shorter battery life than the standard PS5 controller. Sony came out to admit. That the upcoming controller was truly going to have a shorter battery life. They went on to explain that the short battery life is not as a result of a smaller battery size. The shorter battery life is mainly because of new features in the smaller form factor design, according to Sony.

Sony said, “We wanted to strike a good balance between wireless operating time and delivering robust, high-performance features.”

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Well, now the DualSense Edge is out and in the hands of the end users. And guess what, an Australian electronics firm by name Budd’s Controllers has recorded a teardown video of the premium controller from Sony. The video has revealed that the new DualSense edge actually features a smaller battery than its predecessor. DualSense Edge

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It is quite disappointing to know that the DualSense Edge comes with a 1,050mAh battery which is smaller than the 1,560mAh battery that comes with the standard DualSense. So, comparing this to the statement from Sony, can we say they lied? No, not entirely.

Sony Did not Entirely Lie About the Battery Life of the DualSense Edge

Sony said the shorter battery life is mainly because. They had to fit-in more components in the same smaller form factor design. Maybe they were trying to say that they had to reduce the battery size. In order to get more space to fit in more components.

But Sony did not really clarify its statement. So many people including I took it as “More features, more battery consumption”. Hence, the shorter battery life of the controller.

In this case, that is not so. The actual battery life of the new premium controller is reduced.

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