Galaxy S23 Crushes iPhone 14 In These Key 7 Ways

Not the best comparison, but it's something

Although Samsung did not officially debut its next flagships, the competition between the Galaxy S23 and the iPhone has already begun to heat up. Well, that is a given. Even though the Galaxy Unpacked event is just hours away, we know all about what the next lineup is actually bringing to the table.

Yes, most hype is around the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which will likely compete closely with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. But not everyone is going to get high-end devices.

Instead, most are looking forward to how the standard Galaxy S23 and the current regular iPhone 14 competes. And thanks to a prominent leaker, we have some valuable insight into that regard.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14

The leakster compared the iPhone 14 and the Galaxy S23 in 7 factors. Now, as far as the comparison goes, it is really not that far off.

And if you have been catching up with the previous leaks about the devices, you might already know how well the standard Galaxy S23 will compare with iPhone 14. Still, let’s dive in and see what the leaker actually has to say.

A15 Bionic vs Custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

As confirmed by previous rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will come with a custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. And as you know, the iPhone 14 is powered by an A15 Bionic chipset.

Let’s not forget that we have looked closely at how the Galaxy S23 chipset dominated the Apple A16. Although that was in a GPU test, the CPU performance is not that far off.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 vs A15 Bionic

The current Geekbench score of the iPhone 14 is 1740 for single-core performance. And it scores 4711 on multi-core performance. And the recent Geekbench score of the Galaxy S23 shows that the SoC gets 1566 on single-core and 5176 on multi-core tests.

So, while the single-core performance is a little low, S23 beats iPhone 14 in multi-core performance.

Triple Camera Setup of Galaxy S23 vs Dual Camera Setup of iPhone 14

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is getting the biggest camera boost. And although the regular S23 is sticking with the same setup as the Galaxy S22, leaks revealed that Samsung would offer indeed offer an upgrade.

Even if the upgrade is not as noticeable, you can’t forget that Galaxy S23 comes with 50MP primary, 12MP ultra-wide, and 12MP telephoto sensors. In comparison, the iPhone 14 has two 12MP cameras. One of them is the primary sensor, while the other is ultra-wide.

iPhone 14 dual camera

On paper, the Galaxy S23 features more megapixels and one more sensor than the iPhone 14. Now, you might argue that more megapixels do not necessarily mean that it is better. There is no denying that a higher-megapixel camera will offer better details.

Furthermore, the big sensor of the S23 can lead to better low-light shots. And from what the recent marketing posters show, Samsung is going all-in on the Night mode. Nonetheless, if Samsung combines good computational magic, the Galaxy S23 will surely be a way better camera phone than the iPhone 14.

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No Optical Zoom vs 3x Optical Zoom On the Galaxy S23

Apple did not include any optical zoom on the iPhone 14. However, it does offer 5x digital zoom. Still, optical zoom is way better than digitally cropped zoom. And the good news for the S23 is that it comes with a 3x telephoto sensor. That will enable the device to offer better zoomed-in pictures.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Zoom

Even if you don’t consider the optical zooming capacity, the Galaxy S23 will offer up to 30x digital zoom. And that is 6 times higher than what Apple is delivering with the iPhone 14.

60 Hz OLED Screen vs 120 Hz OLED Display

Apple skimping out higher refresh rate panels on its standard models is nothing new. And sadly, things did not change with the iPhone 14. Although it features an OLED panel, the display is still stuck to 60 Hz. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will boast a 120 Hz OLED panel, which will be visibly faster.

1200 nit Brightness vs 1750 nit Brightness

Currently, the display of the standard Galaxy S22 maxes out at 1500 nits brightness. And Samsung is said to upgrade the display of the regular S23, which could boost the brightness level to 1750 nits.

Galaxy S23

Now, if you didn’t know, the iPhone 14 maxes out at 1200 nits. Again, this is a factor where the iPhone 14 will lose to Samsung Galaxy S23 in terms of numbers.

6 GB RAM vs 8 GB RAM

The iPhone 14 comes with 6 GB of RAM, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 is about to pack 8 GB of RAM. Yes, this difference in RAM is not enough to tell you which device will be better at multitasking. And it’s not like the iPhone 14 is bad at handling multiple or resource-intensive apps.

Yet, having a bit more RAM makes the device futureproofed. So, this is another factor where the Samsung Galaxy S23 takes the lead.

3279 mAh Battery vs 3900 mAh Battery

Battery life is a factor that Samsung has been trailing Apple for a good while. The iPhone 14 dominated the S22 by over an hour in a battery test done by Tomsguide. However, things might change with the Galaxy S23 as it is set to come with a large-sized battery.

Galaxy S23 standard

Wrapping Up on Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14

There’s more to the comparison other than just specs. And as the Galaxy S23 is not out yet, no one can tell you that it will be better than iPhone 14 in a real-world test. However, the Galaxy Unpacked is just hours away. So, you can expect to get the true comparison pretty soon. Stay tuned!

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