Get Ready to Purchase your New PS5 as Sony Prepares to Restock Ahead of the PSVR2 Launch

We are in the month of February already and Sony looks to launch the second generation of the VR Headset. The announcement date for the VR2 headset is slated for February 22. The good part of this announcement however is the restocking of the PS5. The PlayStation 5 has always suffered supply issues ever since it was launched. But Sony plans to solve this issue ones and for all.

You Can Order for Your PS5 Now and Pre-order the PSVR2 PS5 PSVR2

PlayStation fans in the following regions can order for their PS5 consoles online. US, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. If you are within any of these regions you can visit the official PlayStation website to place your order. This version also comes with some games and accessories such as the latest Pro PS5 Controller, the DualSense Edge.

From the website, you can also place a pre-order for the upcoming PSVR2 headset. You can also pre-order the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle. Better still, you can also make your pre-order in selected retail shops. You may have to check from your local retail shops for pre-order.

Before the launch of the PlayStation 5 in 2020, there was warning of limited stock. This supply issue continued through to 2021 and 2022. Sony faced a lot of component supply issues and logistics issues in 2022 as well. This made them cut down the production of the PS5. PS5 PSVR2

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Things look very positive in 2022 as Sony has increase the PlayStation 5 console supplies. Sony has even launched an ad campaign which is tagged by the name “Live From PS5”. The video shows fans favorite gaming characters coming into real life.

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The PlayStation (PS5) PSVR2 Price and More PS5 PSVR2

Sony’s upcoming PSVR2 together with two controllers will cost $550 / €600 / £530 / ¥75,000. Sony is also stocking the VR world with more games lately. Some few weeks ago, the Japanese company announced the addition of 13 more VR supported games. This raises the PSVR2 games to a total of 30 with more getting ready to come in.

The Pre-order for the PSVR2 started back in November and this has given Sony enough time to study the demand from its fans. The demand does not look encouraging for Sony hence, reducing the production target for the first quarter to 1 million units according to report from Bloomberg.

Apart from the fact that the low demand may be lack of enough games for the VR, another factor that can affect its demand is the price. The digital version of the PS5 costs $400 and the standard edition sells for $500. The PSVR2 goes for $550 which is even more expensive than the standard PS5. This price should be just enough to shift a lot of users interests away from the PSVR2 headset.

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