Chinese USB Type-C display set to dominate the global market

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According to IDC, the USB Type-C port is now covering more grounds in the tech industry. With the EU making USB Type-C a standard, it is now the only option for brands in Europe. Of course, there is wireless charging that they can resort to. But tech brands are not so comfortable with wireless charging being the only charging option on their devices. Nowadays, the USB Type-C port has become a standard that many users care about. Some displays can realize functions such as screen projection, data transmission, and power supply through the USB Type-C port. IDC predicts that China’s shipments of displays with USB Type-C ports will account for 5% of the overall market in 2023. At the same time, displays are also gradually developing in the direction of intelligence. Wireless projection, smart interconnection, etc. make office entertainment more convenient.

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IDC – China’s PC display shipments to decline

In a recent IDC report today, China’s PC display shipments will likely decline by 1.6% year on year (YoY) in 2023 and will usher in a rebound in 2024. The report predicts that the proportion of high-score and high-brush products will continue to grow. With the decline of panel prices, the cost of the whole device will reduce. The price of high-resolution and high-refresh-rate displays continues to drop. Consumers have more usage scenarios for displays, and have higher requirements for display quality and refresh rates. This is driving the share of high-score and high-refresh displays to increase.

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IDC claims that the intensification of market competition is leading to a decline in the mainstream price segment of the overall display. However, the market for consumer displays above 1,000 yuan ($144) does not bear most of the brunt. It is expected that the mainstream price segment of the consumer display market will jump to 1000 – 1499 yuan ($144 – $215) in 2023. This is expected to increase by 13.0% YoY.

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