Don’t Fall for the PS5 Pro Hype; You Don’t Need It!

Ignore the PS5 Pro rumors


There have been a lot of rumors regarding the PS5 Pro recently. One of them comes from a very reputable tipster, Tom Henderson. He claimed that PlayStation 5 Pro version does not even exist. Instead, Tom Henderson believes that there will be a redesigned model that will launch later this year.

The thing is, the PS5 is already a powerful gaming machine. However, Sony has not been pushing the hardware to its limit. That is, the PlayStation 5 has a lot of untapped potential in it. And that’s why the tipster believes we will have the same gaming console in disguise as a whole new machine.

Do We Really Need a PS5 Pro?

Yes, a more powerful machine, which could be the PS5 Pro, makes a lot of sense for PlayStation fans. For example, if you were to run the God of War Ragnarök at 4K and 60 FPS, you would need to compromise the visuals to a massive degree.

And it is not just applicable to the God of War. The case is pretty much the same for the other titles. Another great example would be Horizon Forbidden West. If you were to run it at a high resolution, you would have to be stuck with 30 FPS. Now, 30 FPS on the PS5 is not bad. But it is not as smooth as 60 FPS.

Best PlayStation 5 Adventure Games Physical Games

Basically, the promise of experiencing true 4K 60 FPS gaming was not properly delivered by the PS5. But it’s not just applicable to PlayStation 5. Even the Xbox Series X can not deliver. And considering this, a more capable machine, PS5 Pro, makes sense.

However, the regular PS5 has a lot of untapped potential. And Sony is holding back from unlocking it to create hype for the PS5 Pro. At least, that is what our take is on the current matter.

PlayStation 5 Could Be More Than What It Is

The titles mentioned above work on both the PS5 and PS4. That is, the games have been engineered to be playable on both generations of consoles. However, on the PlayStation 5, the experience is much smoother, and the visuals are more impressive.

Keeping that in mind, it could be argued that the games were held back from reaching their highest graphical potential on the PlayStation 5. But do not stick to this opinion as it is very unlikely to be true.

Best PS5 Adventure Games

Still, if you take a look at the God of War Ragnarök, it looks great on the PS5. However, it is pretty evident that the game, at its core, is using a PS4-era graphics engine. It was not specifically designed keeping the PlayStation 5 in mind.

That means there have been a very low number of dedicated PS5 games. In other words, very few games have been engineered from the ground up to run specifically on PlayStation 5.

What Could Games be On the PS5

Some examples of games that were particularly for PS5 would be Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal, and arguably Deathloop. These games look visually impressive and run considerably great on the PlayStation 5.

However, all these games were very early PS5-exclusive. They were designed when the console was in its early stage. But now, the hardware is much more mature than it was back then. So, where are there no recently developed PlayStation 5 exclusives yet?

PlayStation Studios

Yes, Coronavirus has disrupted game development. And with that came the great shortage of PS5. Needless to say, developers did not even have the time to fully explore the potential of PlayStation 5. That becomes more evitable when you consider that they had to factor in the performance of the PS4 while developing.

On the note of the PS5 shortage, it translates to a less growing user base. That eventually indicates developers needed to consider a low install base compared to PS4. And it also means that the developers had less info on how their games would actually run on the new gaming console.

The PS5 Should Be Focused More Instead of Bringing Out the Pro

While gamers would definitely love to experience the PS5 Pro, we don’t think we have seen the full potential of the PlayStation 5 yet. In fact, even the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and DualSense Controller have not been pushed enough. They can bring more functionalities and have more capabilities inside them.

Furthermore, it seems like the PS4 is going to hit its end-of-life state. When it does, developers will be able to fully focus on the hardware of PS5 to develop games. And that will eventually make the games bring out their best on the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge Controller

Developers might finally be able to cleverly use PS5 peripherals. And the DualSense Controller could eventually offer advanced haptics.

Yes, the recently released Forspoken could not wow us for being a PS5 console exclusive. But we strongly believe that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, coming later this year, will. And we can confidently say that Sony has irons in the fire for more PlayStation 5 exclusives that will really push the hardware to its limits.

So, in short, we do not need a PS5 Pro, at least not yet. Still, you can definitely appreciate what Tom Henderson hinted at. A redesigned PlayStation 5 would be better. Maybe, with a new cooling system?

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