A Modder Did the Impossible: Turned Nintendo Switch Into a Steam Deck!

Steam Deck on nintendo switch

Let’s face it; Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch are two of the most popular handheld consoles out there. And it is quite hard for them not to be compared with each other by the gamers. Yes, the Deck is beefier and better than the Nintendo Switch. At least in performance. However, the Switch has its own spot in the gaming world.

But what if you could run one on the other? What if running the Nintendo Switch as a Steam Deck was possible? Well, it seems that the conversion is already possible! SpikeHD took the impossible task and made it very much possible. And if you don’t have the time to go through his 12-minute video, read through it to know the results.

Steam Deck on Switch? How?

Nintendo Switch already enables users to run Ubuntu. Many gamers gave it a try and were amazed by the handheld gaming device’s flexibility. So, theoretically, the console is capable of running the Linux version of Steam Deck, right?

Well, that is where the modder started. He just pulled up the big picture UI, and kaboom: Steam Deck unlocked!

Steam on Nintendo Switch

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So, basically, you have first to make the Switch allow Linux to install. And in case you don’t know, it is only possible on the older models of the consoles. Also, it is a process that can stress you out a lot. In short, it is not easy.

Even SpikeHD faced many difficulties while converting the Switch into a Steam Deck. But after he got Linux working on the console, SpikeHD pressed against the absolute feasible limit of the Nvidia Tegra SoC inside the Switch.

Switch and Steam deck

The thing is, Tegra is an Arm-based CPU. And Steam is only meant to run on x86 processors, such as the ones from AMD and Intel. So, even though SpikeHD could force-install Steam and make the Nintendo Switch work like Deck, he couldn’t make any games run. Still, it is quite fascinating to see how far the hardware of the Switch can go.

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