Google’s ChatGPT Killer Is Likely to Come on February 8

Another project that will end up in the Google Graveyard?

Google Paris Event

This week, Google is hosting an event that can only be best described as an “emergency event.” According to the invite Google sent to The Verge, the event will mostly focus on “using the power of AI to reimagine how people search.” From that statement alone, it is clear that Google is planning to take on ChatGPT.

In other words, Google is all set to fire up its photocopier and come out with something that is a competitor to ChatGPT. Now, the event is going to be 40 minutes long. And, of course, you will be able to watch it on YouTube live.

But, as you can expect, Google will definitely add its own touch to its AI model. What can this unique touch be?

Will Google’s Chatgpt Clone Actually Be a Thing?

The invite sent to The Verge had more info about the event. Google plans to use the power of AI to allow users to “explore and interact with information.” Through that, Google aims to make its ChatGPT clone more “natural and feel more intuitive than ever before.”

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, had its earnings call on February 3. And in that earnings call, the CEO promised that “very soon people will be able to interact directly with our newest, most powerful language models as a companion to Search in experimental and innovative ways.”


Seeing the meteoric rise of ChatGPT, Google declared a “code red” earlier this year. It even went ahead and dragged co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page out of their retirement to help. So, it would be safe to say that Google is viewing the popular chatbot as a threat.

The Current AI Models of Google

Google has plenty of AI technologies. However, most of them are not open to the public. And interestingly, there is already a chatbot from Google, which is called “LaMDA.” It abbreviates to Language Model for Dialogue Applications.

There is also an image-generation AI model named “Imagen.” And as you can expect, these two are basically what OpenAI offers with ChatGPT and DALL-E. But the main difference is that the products of OpenAI are public, while Google kept both of them a secret.

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Google Lamda

In fact, it only talked about the projects in research papers and blog posts. But now, the time has come for Google to come out with these AI models, especially the language one.

Will Google’s Apprentice Bard Answer ChatGPT?

According to a CNBC report, one of the results of Google’s productization efforts is the “Apprentice Bard.” At its core, it is a chatbot that utilizes LaMDA technology. Like ChatGPT, it enables people to ask questions and get detailed answers to their queries.

The report from CNBC went ahead and laid out a ton of possible directions that Google might have been experimenting with. For example, “prompts for potential questions placed directly under the main search bar” on the Google homepage and “an alternate search page that could use a question-and-answer format.”

Google Lamda

We may even see a results page that delivers “a gray bubble directly under the search bar, offering more human-like responses than typical search results.” In short, Google can take on ChatGPT in various ways.

Is ChatGPT the Real Threat for Google?

It is uncertain whether ChatGPT is a “code red” type for Google. The thing is, Google has a history of overreacting to other popular things on the internet. And most of the “clone a competitor” projects end up in the Graveyard of Google.

To recall, Google even considered Facebook as an existential threat and created Google+. And as you know, Google eventually shut down the project, and it doesn’t have any social presence now. But Google is still doing fine, right?

Still, Google’s “emergency event” will surely be an interesting watch. And don’t worry if you happen to miss it for some reason. We will do more coverage on what Google has to say about its ChatGPT clone.

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