Elon Musk asks companies to pay Twitter $1,000 to get a badge

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Elon Musk has not yet finished overhauling Twitter. Its gold badge would eventually cost businesses at least $1000 a month.

Twitter has a new scheme for businesses that gets a gold badge. Verification, which was previously free, will now cost $1,000 a month plus an additional $50 for each additional affiliate account.

It would implement this modification as part of its new business strategy. Thus, Twitter Blue would be the more traditional preference, especially for influencers. Whereas Twitter Blue for Business would be this well known and extremely pricey service. And we don’t know all of its features at this time.

Twitter Blue for Business will be so expensive

Twitter Blue

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In the next months, Elon Musk plans to delete all old confirmed badges, as he previously said. Therefore, whether they are ordinary online personalities, companies, or maybe news outlets, those who seek to maintain their tiny blue or gold tick will unavoidably have to pay at some point. Even if the new CEO’s objectives are still somewhat hazy, it appears that only governmental organizations—those that stand to gain from a particular gray tick—need to spend a fortune.

The entrepreneur‘s ideas to obtain some fast cash appear to be straightforward. It must be acknowledged that Elon Musk now owes 12.5 billion dollars in debt after taking control of the platform, which will need to be paid off right now.

From February 3, the firm itself has committed to implementing strategies to pay its users through a portion of advertising income displayed in their mentions.

Twitter has replaced the global news industry, in comparison to Instagram, which has a large economy of local creators. This new format aims to establish itself as yet another influencer platform. Especially by emphasizing its flow of recommendations above news.

We will keep watching the development of events on the side of Twitter, so keep tuned with us.


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