This Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Feature Can Offer You the Ultimate Gaming Experience!

Galaxy S23 Ultra Gaming

We are just about a week away from the retail release of the Galaxy S23 series. But that doesn’t mean that the devices are not in the wild yet. A lot of the users, including reviewers, are tinkering with the latest Samsung flagship phones. And if you have been waiting for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, there is a piece of good news for you.

It seems that Samsung has integrated a unique gaming-focused solution on the high-end device. And this gaming feature will eventually let you game for a prolonged time without worrying about the phone overheating or draining too much.

Bypass Charging on Galaxy S23 Ultra Is a Game Changer!

According to the NL Tech, a YouTuber, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a special charging setting. When enabled through the Game Launcher menu, it will ‘Pause the USB Power Delivery.’ Basically, it will prevent the S23 Ultra charger from topping up the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S23

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What difference will it make? Well, it will make it more comfortable for you to play games for prolonged hours. In addition to that, you will be able to prolong the battery’s health, as it will not constantly be charging when you are gaming.

Of course, there are some criteria involved with this feature. The main one is that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s battery needs to be over 20 percent. Otherwise, you will not be able to enable the mode. Still, this caveat is a minor thing to worry about.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

What about the other phones? Well, 9to5Google reported that they do not see the feature in their Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus models. So, the feature seems exclusive to the Galaxy S23 Ultra only. In other words, the Ultra is now more appealing than ever before. Therefore, if you were holding back on ordering one, now would be great!

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