This hacker used just 196 MB of RAM to run Windows 11!

Windows 11

This user was able to run Microsoft’s operating system on a computer with a little amount of RAM by using Tiny11, a light version of Windows 11.

Officially, Windows 11 may only be used on devices that have highly rigorous requirements. Making it only available for newer devices. Microsoft demands that your computer have at least 4 GB of RAM among these requirements. As a result, many owners of somewhat old or modestly configured devices find themselves unable to use Microsoft’s most recent operating system.

Fortunately, developers have looked into the issue. And have discovered ways to get beyond the restrictions imposed by the Redmond company. Tiny11 is the most recent try in this field. PCs that don’t fulfill Microsoft’s requirements can install this lite version of Windows 11 Pro. Because this version of the OS only requires 2 GB of RAM to function in theory. While often requiring 20 GB of disk space once loaded. But that was without taking into account the tenacity of XenoPanther. It’s a user who tries to run this customized version of Windows 11 on an even more basic setup. And he was successful.

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You can install Windows 11 on just a 196 MB of RAM computer

He used a virtual computer with only 196 MB of RAM, or around 5% of the total RAM needed by Microsoft to operate its operating system, to accomplish this. It is obvious that using Windows 11 was not easy with this little memory. He struggled with Blue screens of death (BSODs) for nearly two hours before he was able to boot the OS.

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XenoPanther, a popular gamer, even had the chance to launch Windows Task Manager. After around thirty minutes of battling BSODs, to which we had to add another fifteen minutes for the task manager to eventually open, the challenge has once more been met.

A miracle that demonstrates that Windows optimization may be sufficient (in addition to the security requirements, of course). To allow the operating system to run on even the most basic hardware. Until then, if your computer isn’t officially compatible with Windows 11. You may always try to force its installation by choosing to install Tiny11 or using a program like Rufus.



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