Apple Is Back at It: Plans to Limit Functionality of iPhone 15!

Apple iPhone 15 Release

We have had many rumors about Apple shifting to USB-C on the iPhone 15 lineup. This major step came to be thanks to the new EU regulations, which are about to come into full effect starting next year. But Apple is Apple. When it is forced to do something, its work always has a caveat.

So, what is the twist? Well, a new rumor came out of China. It states that Apple is planning to use a custom integrated circuit for the USB-C port of the iPhone 15 series. And with that in place, iPhones with USB-C ports might only allow the parts that Apple authorizes. In other words, you might not be able to use all USB accessories with it.

Lightning Restrictions Might Remain in iPhone 15

Does the new integrated custom circuit with restrictions sound familiar to you? It is because Apple has been doing the same thing with its Lightning port. The authentication process built into the circuit makes the “This accessory is not supported” when you try to use something that is not “made for iPhone.”

USB-C port on iPhone

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Now, yes, this USB-C restriction for the iPhone 15 lineup is just a rumor. We don’t have any concrete evidence regarding it. So, you should definitely take it with a grain of salt. But still, it is not something impossible thing for Apple.

Currently, we don’t even know whether the custom chip will have any major implications on iPhone 15 lineup. But from what we can speculate, you might not be able to enjoy certain features such as fast charging and high data speed with the non “authentic” accessories.

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USB Type-C vs lightning port

In other words, all the accessories might still work on the iPhone 15 phones. The EU would intervene if Apple limited the USB-C accessories’ usability. So, that’s out of the equation. But those non “authentic” accessories will have limited functionalities.

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