China snubs the U.S. and parleys with Europe

China train to Europe

There is a cold war brewing between China the U.S. and China and this is no surprise, it has been in the making for a long time. Of course, both regions has a strained relationship since the Trump administration took office. Unfortunately, U.S. President Biden is also not a fan of China thus nothing much changed after Trump left office. Only recently, the U.S. had to shoot down what it calls a “spy balloon” but China claims that it’s a weather balloon. However, China claims it is no longer focusing on the U.S. The country just proved with its new exports to Europe.

China train to Europe

China delivers first urban rail project to Portugal

CRRC held the first train delivery and “public open day” event at Trindade Metro Station in Porto, Portugal. This is China’s export to EU countries. The first “appearance” of the first urban rail project to the public. The cost of this train is 50 million euros. 

The new subway train was designed jointly by CRRC Tangshan Company and Porto Metro Company. It has the features of lightweight, low energy consumption, and intelligence. It follows the design philosophy of green intelligence, comfort, and safety. This is a new type of subway train that complies with EU regulations.

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The new subway trains will be compatible with the old trains running on the route in Porto. Once functional, the trains will greatly improve the efficiency of the Porto subway network, cut operating costs, and make transit more convenient and comfortable for Porto residents.

China train to Europe

In addition to the subway trains on display today, four more will arrive in Porto in April. The subway company has completed the necessary preparations to ensure that the trains and current equipment are compatible. It is planned to go into operation in May after the test. The new train will be able to run not only on the existing route but also on the future subway line.

According to Portuguese Environment Minister Duarte Cordeiro, 18 new subways trains from China will arrive and be put into service one after the other. This will improve the subway’s passenger capacity and improve the travel experience of Porto residents.

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