Russia Blocked Google Services, Zoom, and Viber In DPR

Google Services

Do you think Russia brings independence to the Ukrainian regions? Well, no liberator will break fetters to put you into another. Today, Vedomosti reported that operators of the DPR group began blocking Google Services, Zoom, and Viber services.

The “Free People” In DPR Do Not Have Access To Google Services, Zoom, and Viber

As the local residents said, they were able to use Zoom via VPN. They even can’t install apps from the Google Play store. YouTube traffic is also slowed down.

But the DPR residents shouldn’t be surprised because the so-called “Ministry of Communications” sent an order to local operators to block Google, Viber, and Zoom back in October.

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The source says that though YouTube, which belongs to Google, still works, it becomes harder and harder to watch videos. One of the local operators explained that the what the “authorities” requested was a drop in quality and not a service shutdown. At the same time, many operators still have Google caching servers, which speed up access to YouTube services.

In accordance with the instructions, blocking should be carried out at the level of the main operator (for the DPR group, this is Uglelecom). Operators should also test the effectiveness of existing interlocks and report the results.

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It turns out they “conduct checks” over and over to assess whether such actions are effective.

The head of the “DPR,” Denis Pushilin, announced the blocking of Google services in mid-July 2022. In early June of the same year, the “DPR” and “LPR” blocked access to the Viber messenger, and in May, to the social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Well, this is a common practice for dictators. When they want to keep people under strict control, they have to block access to various services. Falling that, people will know the truth. In this case, their fake power will go phut

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