Galaxy S23 Ultra Is Not as Scratch-Resistant as It Claims!

The Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on top of the Galaxy S23 Ultra had great durability test results. However, most of those tests failed to show how the protection will perform in real-world tests.

Yes, the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 is definitely an upgrade over the standard Victus. It is said to offer drop protection of up to 2 meters on asphalt and 1 meter on concrete. But from what the users are reporting, it seems that Corning may not have put the right amount of effort into making it scratch-resistant.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Got Scratched up While Being Inside the Pocket!

So, one owner of the Galaxy S23 Ultra reported that the device got ‘micro-abrasions’ while it was in his pocket. No, the pocket was not stuffed with coins or keys. Even though the scratches are minimal, it is not something that we expected from the top-of-the-line 2023 flagship.

Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra

The user even showed the scratches with a phone’s flashlight. And it is not like the phone was inside the pocket for too long. According to @AdamJMatlock, the Galaxy S23 Ultra suffered minor abrasions while he was taking a stroll to the grocery store.

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He even claimed that there were no other items inside his pocket. So, how did the phone that survives burns and bends suffer from such a minor issue? Well, there is a chance that @AdamJMatlock’s pocket may have a few grains of sand inside it. But can sand cause these minor scratches?

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Yes, sand contains extremely abrasive properties. And no matter how strong the protection is, sand specks can definitely leave scratches on the surface. Even so, Samsung and Corning should take a look into the matter. Also, if you own a Galaxy S23 Ultra, you should indeed put a protective glass on the top. It will enable you to keep the display in top-notch condition.

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