PS5 Pro: a New Hint Suggests September 2023 Launch

PS5 Pro

The PlayStation 5 has already entered its third year since launching and more rumors about a refreshed edition keeps popping up each week. According to a recent report from Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, a newly refreshed PlayStation 5 console could see the light of day this year. Supposedly, Sony is working on a couple of accessories for the PlayStation 5 console in the form of wireless earbuds and wireless headsets.

The reports claim that Sony will launch new PlayStation 5 products to mark the end of a Fiscal Year which is April 2023 to March 2024 in this case. But this solely depends on the source of Henderson’s report and the actual information he received. Take note that Sony Group reported its Fiscal Year 2022 Q3 results this February. This means that the end of Fiscal Year 2023 here could mean various dates.

Details of the Supposed PS5 Pro Accessories PS5 Pro

As time progresses, we will surely get more details concerning the launch date for these Sony PlayStation 5 accessories. However, we can talk a bit more about some details of these upcoming products. Sources claim that the codename for the wireless earbuds is “Project Nomad” while the headset has a codename “Voyager”.

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The PS5 wireless earbuds is tipped to have about 5 hours of battery life. Users can also charge it by connecting it to the PS5 console using a USB-C cable. Sources also throw a little light on the “Voyager” headset. This headset will have similar functionalities to the INZONE H7 headset. But this headset might come with compatibility with the PS5 console and also come with PS5 branding, just like the PULSE 3D model. PS5 Pro

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Another Sony product worth talking about is the PS5 Pro / PS5 Slim console. It is believed that Sony will launch a new refreshed model of the PlayStation 5 console this year. This could be the PS5 Pro, PS5 Slim or both. If we are to borrow some data from the PS4, Sony launched the console in 2013. The Japanese tech giant then launched both PS4 slim and the PS4 Pro three years later (2016).

Sony PS5 Pro / Slim May Launch in September this Year PS5 Pro

Considering that Sony launched the PS4 models within three years’ time frame and the rumors spreading across, we could see an improved PS5 console this year. Other rumors also claim that the upcoming model will have a detachable disc drive. Sony will then sell the external disc drive separately. Taking out the disc drive will allow Sony to make the refreshed model more compact as compared to the standard PS5.

Sony has kept things in the safe with regards to the refreshed PS5. Some sources have even claimed that Sony will not launch any refreshed PS5 model until 2027 when the PS6 will be launched. However, with Sony working on new revamped PS5 accessories, Henderson’s suggestion of a new refreshed PS5 console is not totally off the mark. If all these rumors are true, then we will see a new and improved PS5 console by September this year. It could be PS5 Pro, PS5 Slim or both.

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