Huawei Watch Buds Prove That Samsung Is Too Scared to Take Risks

Huawei Watch Buds

Before Huawei ran into troubles with the United States, the Chinese giant took some very bold moves. That was the time when Huawei was unsettling Samsung. It was trying to think outside of the box to capture the consumers that Samsung had a firm grasp on. And it could have actually worked.

During its prime time, Huawei made it pretty obvious that Samsung was too afraid to take risks. The Chinese giant thought that Samsung was not ready to stray too far from the formula that had been working for it for years. That resulted in Huawei getting tons of attention.

And we are probably seeing history repeat itself. With the new Huawei Watch Buds, the Chinese giant proves that it can offer something that Samsung can never dare to release.

Huawei Watch Buds: Something That Samsung Galaxy Watch Can Never Be

So, Huawei Watch Buds were originally released in China just two months back. Now, it has landed in the global market. At its core, it is a hybrid product that promises to offer the best of both worlds. That is, you get a pair of the best wireless earbuds and the best smartwatch in the same package.

Huawei Watch Buds

At first glance, the Huawei Watch Buds will look nothing more than a standard smartwatch. In fact, you may not be able to tell that it has dual functions. But once you flip up the circular display on the top, you will find two small True Wireless Stereo earbuds inside.

So, instead of having to carry two things, you will be basically carrying one. That will not only make you free up your pocket but also get more from one single product. Huawei at least gets props for thinking outside of the box for the Watch Buds.

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More About The 2-in-1 Smartwatch

Huawei’s new product is currently available for pre-orders in several markets. That includes the United Kingdom. Although it is highly likely not to come to the USA, if it does, the Huawei Watch Buds will be approximately $530. Yes, the 2-in-1 product is not cheap by any means.

However, you can not forget that Huawei is basically offering you two different sets of products with one. You can not put a price on the convenience that you will enjoy after getting the Watch Buds.

Wondering what the specs of the Huawei Watch Buds are like? Well, it is no less than the best smartwatch that you can get right now. It comes with a proper 1.43-inch AMOLED screen on the top. The hinge of this display can magnetically lock, which secures the earbuds inside.

Huawei Watch Buds

The great part is that the Huawei Watch Buds come with an IPX7 rating. That means you will not need to worry about water seeping into the internals or the buds.

That said, it is definitely not something that Samsung should replicate the Watch Buds with one of its upcoming Galaxy Watch. But there’s no denying that Huawei has taken some risky moves with this 2-in-1 product. And it is indeed a refreshing design in a world where smartwatches are evolving at a very slow pace.

We can not even imagine Samsung making such risky moves with the Galaxy Watch series this year. Samsung has found the right formula that is keeping its smartwatch sales at a good margin.

Still, we can hope that other smartwatch brands think outside the box. Maybe that will make Samsung push a redesigned watch in the upcoming year. Yes, it will be the same story as the Foldables, which is pretty much the main attraction of Samsung besides the Galaxy S Series.

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