Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Deep Purple: Is This a Color? We’re Fooled

iPhone 14 Deep Blue

It’s been almost six months since the iPhone 14 Pro Max deep purple entered the global market. People are going wild. Thanks to its features and wide color options, we can rank this phone as one of the best phones in 2023. Introducing a purple color is really a creative idea from Apple.

Phone reviewers are yet to unleash the real potential and more information about this Apple flagship device. Everything aside, I am very impressed with the color options, including iPhone 14 Pro purple is the most anticipated among all. But I have a question: Is iPhone 14 Pro max deep purple really a color? Let’s investigate it.

Apple has been voicing that iPhone 14 Pro deep purple color is available, but Apple has been fooling us with the color name and composition images. Most users say it is black, while some name it “midnight purple” or “charcoal aubergine.”

Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Someone should question the American smartphone company to take a more intimate look at reality. It won’t be inaccurate if we call it “Space Purple.” Anyways, purple is an easy term to use at this moment, so let’s continue with the iPhone 14 Pro Max Purple. It is purple-ish, after all.

I’m Loving iPhone 14 Pro Max Deep Purple, Do You?

The purple variant glimpses pleasing, but I am betting on the Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro. Although purple is one of my favorite colors, deep purple has got me carried away. Therefore I decided to go for the Deep Purple iPhone pro max. Besides, it is remarkable and looks fancier than others.

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A recent survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, CIRP indicates that consumers are very obsessed with the purple iPhone 14 Pro Max. Nearly 42% of consumers have purchased this variant. This is a new addition in terms of colors.

Previously, iPhone models came in only three colors, including Space Gray, Gold, and Silver. The introduction of Deep Purple and Space Black has just helped the iPhone 14 Pro to achieve record sales. In percentage terms, 24% of users prefer the Gold iPhone 14, while 23% prefer the Space Black edition.

Interestingly, the Silver iPhone 14 is the least popular of all. Apart from this, 27% of people went for the Vanilla version, and 26% of people preferred the Red version. In short, there is very little difference between purple and deep purple. You can only spot it if you have one in your hand. What do you think of the deep purple iPhone 14 Pro Max or the simple purple variant?

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