Looking Forward to iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Ultra? Prepare for a Price Hike!

iPhone 15 Pro
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Like before, next-gen Apple iPhones are making headlines after headlines months before the official announcement. But unlike the previous leaks, the rumors regarding iPhone 15 Pro’s price hike have been ramping up for quite a while now. Everyone is talking about it, from the most reputed sources to the least trustworthy ones.

Yes, a well-connected insider can definitely make an accurate early prediction regarding the development process. For example, you can almost certainly figure out what the display of the iPhone 15 Pro will be like by connecting the dots of previous leaks. But isn’t it too soon to guess the pricing structure of the phone?

Ready to Pay More for iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Ultra?

There’s no denying that it is necessary to have an idea about future phones if you plan on upgrading. And for the iPhone 15 Pro, you should know what extra you are getting if you have to pay the extra price compared to iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. But you can not deny that it is too early to have solid info about everything.

But, yes, we know that Apple will likely integrate a periscope camera, better displays, a powerful A17 Bionic processor, and many other upgrades. So, do all of these upgrades justify a price increase on the iPhone 15 Pro? To get to a conclusion, you have to know what the price tag will be like.

iPhone 15 Pro

The latest ITHome report states that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Ultra will cost $1099 and $1199, respectively. To give you a perspective, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro max retailed for $999 and $1099, respectively, in the US. And to make matters worse, the price hike will be applicable to all regions.

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Wondering why would that even matter? Well, the Galaxy S23 series saw a price hike compared to the Galaxy S22 series in many regions but not in the US. But no matter where you live, you will need to pay more than before to get an iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Ultra.

So, what explains the price increase? Apart from the previously mentioned upgrades of the phones, the “current above-average inflation rate in the United States” is the main highlight. And it really makes sense. But you can not forget the fact that Apple has a very large profit margin, which makes the price hike totally unnecessary.

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What About the Standard 15 and 15 Plus?

The report that shared the details of a price hike did not mention anything about iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. But it would be natural to expect a price hike, considering the fact that iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Ultra will have an increased price tag.

You also need to bring the upgrades of the non-Pro and Ultra models into consideration. As we know by now, the standard iPhones will bring Dynamic Island from their Pro siblings. So, you can not just rule out the possibility of seeing the base iPhone 15 going for $899 and the 15 Plus going for $999.

iPhone 15

Of course, if Apple is indeed thinking of increasing the price by $100 from iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, it will surely bring more premium stuff to the table. But as far as recent rumors are suggesting, the non-Pro or Ultra models will have the A16 Bionic and no ProMotion or Always On Display feature.

If those rumors are actually true, Apple might stick with the $799 price tag for the iPhone 15 and $899 for the iPhone 15 Plus. But at the end of the day, there’s no solid info about anything. So, take everything with a considerable amount of salt.

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