What A Shame: Microsoft Bing AI Tool Is Useless Now!

Microsoft Bing AI tool

The past few months have been very entertaining and interesting as tech giants battle for AI dominance. Microsoft Bing AI tool search goes head-to-head with Google’s Bard. Both are using AI chatbots to provide services they have been dreaming of for years. With that in mind, Microsoft is playing a dirty game here. The company is eager to capitalize on this.

Microsoft is doing everything for Bing AI dominance, and it won’t do itself or us any good. The Windows OS maker is now threatening other search engines not to use Bing indexes in their AI chatbots, Bloomberg reports.

Microsoft Bing AI Tool: Microsoft Is Becoming Greedy And Nasty

As we all know, indexing the entire Internet is very expensive, and small search engines like DuckDuckGo can’t afford it. Therefore, they use larger companies like Google and Bing to index their products by paying a relatively small amount. In short, Microsoft is happy to charge search engines for licenses.  It will make a lot of money selling Bing indexing licenses.

However, it doesn’t want its competitors to use it in their chatbots. It has also warned its customers to stop using Bing indexes, or they will lose access to them altogether. Since Microsoft is the only king here, it has the right to tell its customers how to use Bing AI indexing services and features. It just wants to make sure that no other company challenges Bing.

Microsoft bing ai is useless

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In a similar bid, search engines like You.com, Neeva, and DuckDuckGo are using Bing indexes to announce their AI tools. Microsoft has just killed the competition by restricting it. The main problem is that all these search engines rely heavily on Bing indexing. Therefore, a complete shutdown can render the entire product useless because they depend on Bing AI to return results.

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Microsoft isn’t ready to take on the competition and wants to kill them all in their infancy. This is such a SHAME for a big company like Microsoft!!! It always happens that bigger companies bully smaller ones. It is also a shame because AI development has not yet reached its peak, and tech companies are holding it back. Besides, we are yet to see the real potential of AI chatbots.

Bing API For Indexing

On the other hand, OpenAI is acting like a big brother here because it allows developers to use the GPT language model and create something unique. In addition, search engines are using it to build their products.

Microsoft Is A Hinderance In AI Development…

Microsoft’s Bing AI tool is useless if it works against AI development and does not help other search engines. This means that there will be no alternative AI tools for us to enjoy. If things stay the same, search engines may look for an alternative to Bing.

In this regard, Google will appear as a hero, as search engines will look up to it for indexing purposes. It is always good to have a competition to keep good AI technology coming. All eyes are on Bard AI to level the playing field. We have also seen that the greed of one costs all. Therefore. Let’s not hope that here.

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